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Nielsen AutoTECHCAST Report Shows Growing Interest in Auto Technology and Safety

summer convertible driver - man and woman - Nielsen AutoTECHCAST report

The 2016 Nielsen AutoTECHCAST report, released on August 24, showed that consumer interest in auto technologies and safety features is growing as more and more vehicles come equipped with these features. The report surveyed 11,886 US consumers over a month in March and April of this year.

In order, Nielsen found that consumers care most about safety technology, then connectivity, then comfort and convenience, driver assistance, and fuel efficiency. Consumers showed the most interest in rear-vision cameras and collision and blind-spot detection and prevention systems.

The AutoTECHCAST report also found that 53% of drivers believe the auto industry is doing a good job in developing features that improve safety and reduce driving distractions. 73% of drivers said they are much more likely to purchase a vehicle with blind spot detection and similar features than one without. Consumers are also starting to care more about the reputation of the company they’re buying from.

The survey also found that connected car features are one of the least-known parts of auto technologies, with a third of respondents not knowing they existed, and millennials being the most interested generation in new car technologies. Overall, though, US drivers know more about cars and new technologies in 2016 than the last three Nielsen surveys have indicated.

Get Geeky with the High-Tech Audi A4

2017 Audi A4

The new, high-tech Audi A4 is probably the coolest thing to roll out of Audi in years (maybe ever?) if you’re an absolute, admitted technophile. With its rich spread of all the latest gadgetry and innovations, the A4 feels futuristic without feeling complicated, just like good advanced technology should. It’s hard to pinpoint our favorite features in the high-tech Audi A4, but we’ll give it a shot:

  • If they revamped the Jetsons today, the interior of that futuristic family’s vehicle would probably have something a lot like the A4’s 1440×540, 60fps, crystal-clear Virtual Cockpit display. With intuitive functionality and beautiful picture, all it’s really missing is Netflix access.
  • The Audi A4’s driver assist technologies are effortless, flawless, seamless – all those “lesses” except “less” itself. Features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist will make you wonder how you ever survived on the road without these simple yet essential additions.
  • The integrated infotainment elements are out-of-this-world. Options like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, navigation by Waze, and onboard 4G LTE connectivity, are just a few reasons why the A4 is redefining convenience.

High-tech and highly desirable, the Audi A4 has got all the brains (and the beauty) to keep us coming back for more