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Plans Announced to Retire Audi V8 engines in Favor of Electric

Audi vehicles are the perfect balance of performance and premium quality. All of their success depends largely on what the automaker puts under its models’ hoods –  no sacrifice of power. A wise company can change their product in anticipation where demand is headed, as market trends and consumer interest continue to change. We know that Audi is a smart company, and that is their plan.

2015 Audi R8 Spyder - plans to Retire Audi V8 engines

That’s why Audi has announced it is retiring its V8 engines in the coming years. They’re opting instead for battery-powered electric vehicles. After the most recent V8 engine—a turbocharged diesel with massive torque—is released with the new Audi SQ7, no more V8s will be added to the brand’s lineup.

When will this start to affect the Audi lineup?

In fact, Audi is changing almost a third of their lineup, anticipated, to be electric or hybrid by 2025. This means that Audi is phasing out gas-guzzling blocks like the V8s for more eco-friendly and fuel efficient engines. Audi is one of the many automakers making this change to stick with changing trends.

While plans to retire Audi V8 engines may disappoint some, we at Joseph Auto know that Audi won’t let its fans down. Even in the form of electric batteries, Audi’s performance excellence will still be apparent.

Infiniti Q80 Concept to be revealed in Paris

2014 Infiniti Concepts
2014 Infiniti Concepts

Infiniti is about to take a big leap into the supreme luxury class with the upcoming reveal of the Q80 in Paris.

Sketches of the Infiniti Q80 Concept reveal a four door fastback shape that is wide and low, giving an athletic, commanding stance. The powertrain is a high-performance hybrid-electric version and the vehicle is rumored to feature an advanced adaptive suspension that will make this one high performance luxury car.

We’re excited to see what the Paris Auto Show has in store for the Infiniti brand. Current Infiniti models like the QX70 offer the perfect blend of performance and high luxury, and the Q80 is expected to take this to the next level.

We hope this beautiful concept gets produced in the next year or two! Stay tuned to our Joseph Auto blog to stay up to date on the status of this brand new Infiniti!