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Nielsen AutoTECHCAST Report Shows Growing Interest in Auto Technology and Safety

summer convertible driver - man and woman - Nielsen AutoTECHCAST report

The 2016 Nielsen AutoTECHCAST report, released on August 24, showed that consumer interest in auto technologies and safety features is growing as more and more vehicles come equipped with these features. The report surveyed 11,886 US consumers over a month in March and April of this year.

In order, Nielsen found that consumers care most about safety technology, then connectivity, then comfort and convenience, driver assistance, and fuel efficiency. Consumers showed the most interest in rear-vision cameras and collision and blind-spot detection and prevention systems.

The AutoTECHCAST report also found that 53% of drivers believe the auto industry is doing a good job in developing features that improve safety and reduce driving distractions. 73% of drivers said they are much more likely to purchase a vehicle with blind spot detection and similar features than one without. Consumers are also starting to care more about the reputation of the company they’re buying from.

The survey also found that connected car features are one of the least-known parts of auto technologies, with a third of respondents not knowing they existed, and millennials being the most interested generation in new car technologies. Overall, though, US drivers know more about cars and new technologies in 2016 than the last three Nielsen surveys have indicated.

How to Clean Inside Your Car

Road trips can get pretty messy—you’ll probably come home with a backseat full of trash, carpet covered in spilled drinks, and food crushed into the upholstery. So if you’re just getting home and realizing what a mess you have to clean up, follow these tips on how to clean inside your car.

clean inside your car - car wash

Items to clean:

The first thing to do is clean all the trash out of your car, which is the easiest part. Next you’ll want to vacuum the carpets and the seating, especially if you have cloth seats. Buy some cleaning products that are made for whatever kind of interior you have. Cloth, vinyl, and leather all require different products to keep the material in good shape.

If you have stains on your carpet or cloth seats, treat with a stain lifter and follow the instructions on the can. You don’t want to leave stains—they can seep into the carpet or seats and start to smell! Scrub the carpet, dab it dry with a cloth, and vacuum again.

You may also want to clean the dashboard and inside the windshield and windows. Go and grab some glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels. Glass cleaner works on the dash too!

Prodrive and Subaru Team Up to Set New Isle of Man Record


2016 Subaru WRX STI - Isle of Man Record

Prodrive and Subaru have teamed up once again, to set a new Isle of Man record on the TT Course. Prodrive is famous for building Subaru rally cars from 1990 to 2008, so there’s a lot of buzz surrounding this latest collaboration. In the last 8 years there have been many technological advancements, so this collaboration should be very exciting to all racing fans.

The engineering group is tuning a Subaru WRX STI to set a new record attempt before the 2016 Isle of Man TT kicks off on May 28th. The cabin has been stripped out of all unnecessary equipment, even including door panels and carpet. It also boasts a full body kit complete with flared fenders and a large wing at the rear.

Mark Higgins, the three-time British Rally Champion who has already broken the Isle of Man record several times in the past—and who holds the current record with a bone stock 2015 WRX STI—will be at the wheel of the Prodrive-tuned car. So far, his best time is 19 minutes and 15 seconds. That’s pretty impressive for a 37-mile circuit – that’s an average speed of just over 115 mph! At Joseph Auto, we’re hoping he can do it under 19 minutes!