GM Energy-Efficient Operations: Going Green

GM energy-efficient operations will be ramped up in the coming years. As of now, the company has managed to save $73 million over the course of the last year, receiving recognition from the US EPA Energy Star Program. GM is making green operations more widespread than ever before.

GM energy-efficient operations - head light bulb

To begin with, GM installed over 186,000 LED bulbs and fixtures in order to lower energy costs—one of the major contributors to the energy savings, according to GM. Over 16 institutes under GM control each recently earned ENERGY STAR certification, demonstrating superior energy performance. In addition to saving on lighting costs, the brand also helped to reduce energy consumption during manufacturing.

“Energy efficiency can reduce electricity loads, which will help us more easily transition to renewable energy sources,” said Al Hildreth, GM’s global energy manager. “Together, these environmental improvements help us reduce our carbon footprint, cut costs and deliver value back to our customers.”

GM was able to reduce consumption at several plants by installing high-efficiency burner controls at the melting furnaces, one of the biggest drains on energy supply. Pouncing on an economic opportunity in addressing climate change, the brand is looking for new and improved ways to sustainability without sacrificing quality.

Cincinnati Fall Events: Autumn Attractions Near You

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons for most, with changing leaves, cool temperatures, and fuzzy sweaters. For those around Cincinnati, there are also plenty of things to do this fall, from outdoor activities to cultural events. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something in the area.

fall leaves on path - Cincinnati fall events

As Cincinnati USA points out, there are a range of parks in the area that are perfect for those who love scenic views. You can stop by places like Twin Lakes at Eden Park, Mt. Echo Park, Bellevue Hill Park, Alms Park, and more. There are 7 notable parks on both sides of the river which have stunning views of the skyline and local scenery.

There are also a number of museums and exhibits in the area. Check out the 21c Motel, a hotel-museum hybrid right in the center of town. This beautiful building was built in 1912, and it stands today with more than 156 guest rooms as well as several pieces on display. You can also see the American Sign Museum, Cincinnati Art Museum, and more.

Finally, stop by one of many haunted houses in area. These attractions include the Dent Schoolhouse, USS Nightmare, Land of Illusion, and more. For those who love a scare, you will enjoy nothing more than these haunted houses.