What You Should Know About Halloween Driving Safety


There’s always a lot going on during Halloween – decorations, costumes, horror movie marathons, haunted houses, and trick or treating. Among all the busy preparations, it can be easy to forget that driving on Halloween can be dangerous for the costumed trick-or-treaters. Here are a few tips you should know about Halloween driving safety.

Even in daylight, drivers should keep their headlights on for improved visibility. Watch for children crossing streets and walking along roadways and medians. Be careful backing out and pulling into the driveway. When in residential areas, pay close attention to all signs and signals, and drive at least five miles per hour below the speed limit to give yourself extra leeway if a trick-or-treater runs in front of you.

Always yield to pedestrians on Halloween, and be extra cautious when passing stopped vehicles, as they may be dropping off children. Most Halloween accidents occur between 4 and 8pm, so be careful between those hours. If you are dropping off any youngsters of your own, make sure to use the proper signals and perhaps even turn on your blinkers to alert other drivers to your presence.

Halloween is supposed to be a night full of fun. Keep it that way by obeying these Halloween driving safety tips in order to protect the little ones this holiday season. Happy Halloween from the Joseph Auto Group!

Toyota Automated Driving to be Available by 2020

Toyota Camry Interior

Despite the Google Car’s frequent appearances in the media, Toyota has been working on and testing the same technology since the 1990s (for nearly two decades). Today, the company expects Toyota automated driving to be a feature present in vehicles as soon as 2020.

Toyota originally referred to the feature as “advanced driver support,” but began using the term automated driving instead in order to compete with other companies who are testing similar technology. Instead of making vehicles that are entirely self-driving, Toyota seeks a more applicable approach that could bridge the gap between current vehicles and the automated cars of the future.

In Toyota’s version of automated car technology, both car and driver work together to minimize accidents and improve traffic flow. A prototype, termed “Highway Teammate” by the company, can be switched into a self-driving mode on the highway in which it can merge, change lanes, and depart via exit ramps without driver input. However, the driver must take control of the wheel when not in this mode.

Toyota automated driving is advanced technology that allows drivers to focus on other things due to innovative sensors and radar. Instead of being an entirely driverless car, it seamlessly switches between driving itself and requiring driver control to allow for a more futuristic, smooth driving experience. Visit one of the Joseph Auto Group Toyota locations for more!