Tips To Prevent Road Rage

2015 Cadillac Escalade

Why do seemingly normal people, people who would never think about being aggressive towards others in an open, public place, show dangerous displays of road rage? A recent article in Slate explains that it’s all about “perceived anonymity.” People feel like they are anonymous inside their vehicles.

No matter how it comes about, here are some tips to prevent road rage!

  • A road rage incident is usually a series of escalating events. If something another driver has done something that angers you, let it end there. Accept that you’re angry and practiced controlled breathing, or distract yourself by turning the station on the radio. Do anything but lash out! If you have angered someone else, do not allow anything they do in retaliation anger you.
  • We all make mistakes. Sometimes we make really, really stupid mistakes. Notice how quickly we are to forgive ourselves when we are the ones making the mistake? Why not give someone else the same kind of treatment? Do not take someone else’s mistake and turn into a deliberate act.
  • Arrange your lifestyle to prevent road rage incidents. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep and try not to drive when you are extremely hungry. Also, give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. A lot of times we get angry when we are in a hurry.

The Joseph Auto Group wants to promote safe driving by all of our customers!

Hyundai N Performance Division To Arrive Soon At Frankfurt Auto Show

Hyundai Engine

The automotive world is abuzz with the latest news to come from the Hyundai camp. Who wouldn’t get excited when an automaker long-known for making the highest quality and greatest value vehicles on the road announces an entrance into the performance world?

To let you know that they are serious about their upcoming N Performance series, Hyundai flexed their muscle a bit and put together a concept to celebrate the Gran Turismo video game. Details are scant, but the Hyundai Gran Turismo concept looks much like an intimidating endurance racer. The concept will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Motor Authority reports that the creation of the Hyundai N Performance division happened two years ago and “at the time was centered on Hyundai’s motorsport program.” The N Performance division will now also be focusing on giving Hyundai road cars a performance edge.

What model will get the treatment first? Word ‘round the campfire is that the Hyundai i30, which we call the Elantra GT in the States, will be the first to get this special treatment. Learn more from the Joseph Auto Group!