All-New 2016 Acura NSX May Be the Only Proper Affordable Hybrid Supercar

As Jeremy Clarkson put it in his Top Gear segment detailing the McLaren P1, hybrid technology had previously always been used to reduce the impact of the internal combustion engine—until hybrid supercars like the Porsche 918, LaFerrari, and the P1 came along and used batteries to enhance the power of their engines. Their fuel economy is still improved, but for the people that can afford supercars, that’s more like a nifty side effect than anything else.

Unfortunately, price is still one thing these cars have in common. All three models cost near or over $1 million each (in LaFerrari’s case, you even need to own other Ferraris before you can be considered as a buyer), which puts them out of reach of nearly everybody.

But there’s a new player in town: the all-new 2016 Acura NSX. Despite being powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and three electric motors that produce over 550 horsepower via a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission and a “Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive” system, the long-awaited will start at only $130,000—the very definition of an affordable hybrid supercar.

Sure, it’ll likely not give you the 900+ horsepower of the Ferrari or McLaren, but what does that matter when you can listen to this and enjoy a nearly equal experience? And it’s not like it lacks in flair or heritage, either. We know the one we’d want at Joseph Auto—what about you?


Buick Avenir Concept Turns Heads in Detroit

BuickIt’s that time of year again, when automakers bring out their latest and greatest to inspire crowds at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This year, Buick does not disappoint. The automaker has revealed its Avenir concept, which could become their future flagship sedan.

The Buick Avenir concept embodies everything we love about Buick, and then throws in a few surprises to sweeten the deal. The Avenir’s body shape has been referred to as bold and powerful, but also sensitive and sophisticated. From its disproportionately-long hood to its sloping rear, the Avenir measures 204.5-inches –that’s longer than a Cadillac Escalade, for reference. Nothing says “luxury” quite like a ton of interior space.

According to, the Avenir’s interior is clearly made specifically for a concept car, with incredible attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship. The good news is that although a production version would likely lose some of its flowing contours in favor of a third rear seat, most of its interior features, like its 12-inch touchscreen infotainment interface, seem to be produce-able on a large scale.

Whether the Buick Avenir concept car could become Buick’s future flagship, or is just a test-run for a next-gen LaCrosse remains to be seen. Either way, if the Buick Avenir represents the future of Buick, we are liking what we are seeing.

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Subaru U.S. Sales Break 500,000


A new heavyweight is entering the automotive ring. Subaru has announced that they expect to reach over 500,000 sales for 2014 in the United States. After selling only 187,699 vehicles in 2008, the seven year growth has continued exceeding expectations. This “puts us as a top 10 brand,” Michael McHale, a Subaru spokesman, told Courier-Post. “We outsell VW, Mazda, BMW, Buick, etc.”

Subaru began sales in the United States in 1968, 47 years ago, with the Subaru 360. With a starting price of $1,297 and despite pushing 66 miles per gallon, sales were bad. With 25 horsepower, the little car took an agonizing 37 seconds to reach 50 miles per hour.

More recently the company is seeing much better times. Subaru broke their calendar-year 2013 record of 424,683 vehicle sales by November 30, 2014, a month early, with 463,770 sales. Things are only looking up and expectations are still rising. “We expect 2015 to also be another record year for Subaru,” Thomas Doll, President and Chief Operating Officer, told Courier-Post. If recent trends keep up, there’s no doubt it will be.

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Toyota Safety Awards Top Any Automaker for 2015


At the end of the year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety bestows awards on the safest, and therefore the best, vehicles that hit the road that year. This year, Toyota really hit the jackpot, as twelve Toyota and Lexus vehicles earned top safety awards from the IIHS for 2015. That’s more than any other automaker.

Eight of the Toyota Motor Corporation vehicles earned Top Safety Pick+ rating, while four more won Top Safety Pick ratings as well. Among those vehicles was the Toyota Sienna, which was the sole minivan to win the Top Safety Pick+ rating this year. “At Toyota, our focus remains on the safety and peace of mind of our customers,” said Dino Triantafyllos, Toyota’s North American Chief Quality Officer. “We’re pleased the IIHS has recognized the strong and improved safety performance of our vehicles in a range of crash tests.”

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